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Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge

Getting close to nature! 

We offer a memorable experience in our unique hotel within the buffer zone of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon, (A Natural Wonder of the World.) Our eight comfortable cottages have been designed and built according to the local architecture to conserve nature's majestic environment around us, all of them have a terrace to enjoy a panoramic view of the special beauty of the area.

At HATUCHAY HOTELS - Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge, we offer a wonderful adventure in ecotourism activities at the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, also known as the forest of mirrors. See the wealth of wildlife that has: pink and gray dolphins, sloths, taricayas (river turtles), a variety of birds, etc. The experience also offers experiential tourism, visiting communities working on protecting natural resources within the watershed, thus helping to improve the quality of life for the local families. Part of our program is observing the birth of the Amazon River at the junction of the Ucayali and Marañón Rivers.

As part of our commitment to social responsibility we work with the descendants of the indigenous people (Kukama Kukamiria, in the Community of San Jorge,) we help them assess their culture and to be proud of it through the expression of art with their handy-crafts and preservation of their language.

Our guests can participate in additional activities such as:

  • Liberating (taricayas) the local turtles, into the river during the month of October.
  • Making crafts with the PUA KAMATAWARA Association (working hands).
  • Massage session - PUA Kukama (Kukamas Hands).
  • In the evening enjoy a private romantic dinner EYUN ERAPAKATUN (special dinner) in the middle of the jungle.
  • Visit the Amazon Manatee Rescue Center.
Lodge Pacaya